Shreddies - Jeans And Pyjamas Go Viral

The month of July sure was a busy one! 

If only I had an idea of how quick a story can travel the world, I could have been better prepared. 


I joined Shreddies in late 2013 just after the last major viral story. I only caught the tail-end of the media storm and didn't appreciate at the time what had happened before I joined the company. 

I was convinced it couldn't be that manic, could it...?

After double checking for typo's a press release was sent out and it was only about 3 minutes before one of our contacts replied. 

A reporter from Dezeen asked if they could be the first to share the story as they previously covered our story in 2013. Once they had published the story it had been shared on The Metro, Daily Express and The Daily Star websites within a couple of hours. 

Over the next week we had press and journalists from all over the world calling and e-mailing asking for the story, for images and quotes to use on their website or in their publications. 

Our team was getting more and more excited with each big publication we featured in, from Cosmopolitan to GQ, Paper to Men's Fitness they all wanted a piece of Shreddies. 

Just about every corner of the world featured the story, from Australia to Japan, South America to Central Africa, the Google searches kept listing more and more results. 

I was very fortunate to be working alongside two fantastic colleagues Zoe & Letty who are based in London. With regular communication the three of us managed to cope with the media storm, the social media and customer questions via e-mail. 

The media requests are still coming in two weeks on, and tomorrow evening I am scheduled to be giving a radio interview with ESPN in Detroit. This is a very exciting time to be working at Shreddies and I cannot wait for the next big story.