Sugar Free February

We cannot believe that it's February already - we're still struggling to write the correct date?! If you're still suffering from those post Christmas IBS flares or maybe you just want a kick start to a healthier year, you might want to think about doing Sugar Free February! 



Cutting sugar from your diet is beneficial for everyone as it's not only bad for your teeth but is actually addictive as well as contributing to weight gain! When suffering from IBS, many foods can cause flares but a common one is sugar, so testing your body with a month of no sugar could be really beneficial to work out a diet that's best for you! 

During February you could also help an incredible charity that's so close to all of our hearts! Cancer Research UK is an amazing charity which focuses on finding cures for as many different types of cancer as they can, but they need constant funding and could really do with your help! CRUK are promoting Sugar Free February and if you want to get involved, this is what you need to do:

  • Sign up via their website

  • Set up your fundraising page

  • Download your fundraising pack

  • Get promoting yourself!



"A great way to attract donors is to personalise your fundraising page – boost your fundraising by adding photos, updates and the story of why you’ve given up sugar. Share on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by email to get people’s attention, and keep them updated on your progress throughout the month."

It honestly couldn't be easier (well, the fundraising part!)