If you're anything like me this warmer weather has got you dreaming of long summer days and yummy BBQ's! When you're trying to stick to a low FODMAP diet this kind of dining can be difficult so we thought we'd give you a few tips to keep your stomach happy while you're enjoying great food!


Try to avoid processed foods like sausages and burgers as they can contain things like onion and garlic powders which can irritate the stomach. Instead try making your own burgers using meat and fresh grated vegetables like carrot and  mushroom. Alternatively go for steaks or skewers but make sure you check first if the meat has been marinated and if so, what in. This doesn't mean you have to have dry meat, there are so many rubs and marinades you can make that are low FODMAP so just experiment with flavours that you know don't bother you and even check out the supermarket ranges - just make sure you check the label! 


Photo:  Kate Scarlata

Sadly sauces are a bit of a sore point when you're on a low FODMAP diet, most include onion or garlic powder, flour or corn syrup which can be extra gut irritating. Therefore the safest bet is to make your own sauces, then you know exactly what goes into them! Don't fret, there are plenty of recipes online that are quick and easy! Here's one of our favourites: Homemade BBQ Sauce by Kate Scarlata.


Image: Kate Scarlata 

Image: Kate Scarlata 

Plain grilled corn on the cob is a great low FODMAP side that's easy to do and super tasty! Potato salads are also a popular choice at BBQ's, why not check out this alternative one from Kate Scarlata: Potato Salad with Feta and Dill.

We are always on the look out for new recipes so feel free to send us any yummy recipes that you find! 

Happy barbecuing!