The aeroplane bloat - can it get you kicked off a plane?

In a time where airlines don't need much of an excuse to kick you off a flight, don't give them another reason to this summer and pop on a pair of Shreddies! 

Many airlines have revealed that they reserve the right to remove passengers if they have bad odour! Sounds a little crazy but it's actually included in the terms and conditions on the airline websites, stating that passengers that have or cause a malodorous condition other than those qualifying as disabled can be removed from the aeroplane. You may have not spotted it but it's often hidden in there somewhere!

Due to the pressure in cabins being lower than that on the ground it causes the gas in your stomach to expand and therefore causes more flatulence! Try to avoid the typical full English before you fly as fatty foods like this are likely to cause more gas and swap your carbonated drinks for water. These small changes can reduce your flatulence and reduce the embarrassment it may cause! 

Or you could pop on a pair of Shreddies and fart with confidence? We know what we'd do...