The Carbon Undershort - our most effective garment yet?

If you haven't already spotted it, we recommend you take a look at our brand new Carbon Undershort! Made from 100% activated carbon it's our most effective garment to date! After looking through customer feedback we found that our customers wanted something that they can trust 100% of the time, this is where the idea for the Carbon Undershort came from! 

They are available for Men and Women and should be worn over your own underwear, allowing you to choose the style you find the comfiest! Offering the perfect solution for people suffering from stomach related illnesses such as IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s Disease which can cause embarrassing flatulence and anxiety. 

The fit is still very important as it is with the underwear however only around the waist, we recommend that the legs are a little looser to allow ease of movement and comfort. The Carbon Undershort allows you to flatulence proof your whole wardrobe with just one garment. 

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