'Does it fart?'

It began with the simple question "do snakes fart?" asked by Dani Rabaiotti's (Zoologist) brother that kick started the Twitter hashtag #DoesItFart. This lead to many science experts to wonder what animals do fart? How often? How do they smell? This curiosity has now been turned into a book called 'Does it fart?' which is now available to buy from Amazon .


We found this book hilarious, surprisingly interesting and even though you might not want to parade it on your coffee table it could be the source of laughter at many dinner parties! We thought we would share our most surprising finds:

  • Goats fart but it's often their burps that are the worst!

  • Giraffes can fart and due to their height you don't want to be stood next to them when they're doing so!

  • Ball Pythons, Parrots and European Oysters are amongst many animals that cannot fart

  • Rats farts smell worse than dogs, so next time you let one rip you may want to blame your pet rat and give the dog a rest!

If you would like to purchase "Does it fart?" you can do so on Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmith.