Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide. 

However there are a small number of countries we cannot deliver to - Kuwait, Malaysia, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Ukraine (Crimea & Sevastopol), Yemen. 

All payments are made in Pounds Sterling; simply choose a style and size and proceed to the checkout. 

All payments are processed by Stripe who are considered safer than PayPal and they currently act as the card payment processing provider for over 100,000 websites worldwide.


Q: How do I wash Shreddies?









A: To ensure your Shreddies remain effective at filtering flatulence odours, we recommend that you machine wash them at 40c with Soda Crystals only (available at most supermarkets) without conditioner or bleach.
Please use a large scoop (110ml-210ml) of Soda Crystals in each wash. If Soda Crystals cannot be located please use Baking Soda. 

We recommend tumble drying them on a medium heat. You can also dry them over a radiator, but ensure that all moisture is removed from the carbon cloth before being worn. 

Using any brand of detergent will prevent the carbon from working from the first wash. 

Please note: Underwear can shrink by up-to 4% after first wash. 


A: If you've given your address incorrectly we're happy to change it before it's dispatched. However once dispatched we're unable to change the address and the parcel will need to return to us before we can re-send it. This can take a number of weeks to return, please check your address is correct before submitting the order. 

Q: Can I change my delivery address?


Q: How long will delivery take?

A: Our usual delivery times are listed below, however these are guidelines and can change depending on postage conditions. Orders are normally dispatched within 3 working days. Please note we dispatch orders Monday to Friday. 

For more information please contact: enquiries@myshreddies.com

UK : 1st Class: 1-3 working days - 2nd Class: 3-7 working days 

EU : 5-35 working days (This can be up-to 35 working days if 2nd class option is chosen)

International : 10-35 working days (This can be up-to 35 working days if 2nd class option is chosen)

We offer two postage options 2nd class / Air Mail or a Tracked & Insured service. Tracked & Insured offers customers a tracking number for the parcel and a faster delivery service. 2nd class is sent completely un-tracked and it's progress cannot be followed. 


Q: How much is delivery?

A: For postage costs please click here.


Q: Why doesn't my tracking number work?

A: If you choose the 1st class postage option you will be given a tracking number so that you can view each stage of the delivery.

2nd class orders will be sent without tracking information and you will instead receive a number that resembles the date the parcel was sent (e.g 29.05.2015). This number will not work when trying to track your parcel. 

All claims for a missing / undelivered parcel sent via 2nd class must be received within 35 working days of shipping. 


Q: How do I know what size to buy?

A: It is very important that Shreddies fit correctly. As long as the carbon back panel is held snugly to the body over the buttocks and under the gusset, flatulence will pass through the panel and be completely filtered. If the underwear is too loose flatulence can escape from the leg openings, gusset or waist.  For more information please refer to our flatulence sizing chart.

The legs of the undershort do not need to fit as snug as the underwear, as long as the waistband is fitted the garment will work effectively. 

Please note: All of our garment measurements have a tolerance of 1cm so some pairs may appear slightly bigger or smaller than others the same size.


Q: What is your Returns Policy?

A: We are happy for you to return your Shreddies within 1 month of purchase providing they haven’t been worn or washed and are still in the original packaging. Please ensure that you try your Shreddies on for size over a clean pair of your own underwear, so that you can return them for an exchange if necessary.

All returned underwear is inspected on return to our offices, and we reserve the right to reject any underwear showing signs of wear including hair, marks, stains or any evidence of washing.

Please enclose your order number and reason for returning in the package. If you're seeking a refund for an unwanted item, postage will not be refunded unless the product is faulty. 

All exchanges are made at the cost of the customer.

We do not accept responsibility for goods lost in transit, therefore we strongly recommend that you send returns by registered post and retain proof of posting / tracking number. 

Please return items to:

Shreddies, Cotes Mill, Nottingham Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 5TL, United Kingdom.

If you are making an international return please state on the customs declaration that you are making a return.

The returns policy for incontinence underwear is different, so please refer to incontinence FAQs below.


Q: How long will Shreddies remain effective for?

A: The fabric remains effective for the life of the garment (2 to 3 years) providing our wash care instructions are followed correctly.


Q: Can Shreddies stop the noise?

A: Shreddies are designed to absorb odours, not to muffle the sound. Most flatulence sufferers are able to control the noise by altering their body position.


Q: Why are they called Shreddies?

A: Shreddies is a colloquial term for underwear originating in the British Forces and is well known throughout the Commonwealth. During long repeated marches and drills the underwear fibers would break down and 'shred' leaving them unusable.  


Q: Do you sell children's flatulence filtering underwear? 

A: Yes, we are happy to make bespoke underwear for children. The service normally costs between £16.00 - £20.00 per pair, for more information please contact enquiries@myshreddies.com.


Q: You don't stock my size, can you help?

A: If your size is not stocked please contact us at enquiries@myshreddies.com to find out more information about our bespoke service. 

The bespoke service is available for underwear and for Jeans or Trousers, if you have a favourite pair of Jeans or Trousers or a favourite style of either we can customize them for you by putting in the carbon lining please email for costs and more information. 


Q: What fabric are Shreddies made from?

A: Shreddies are made from a mixture of cotton & elastane with a carbon panel in the rear of the underwear. 


Q: Discount Code - How do I know if it's valid?

A: We do not work with any voucher discount code websites, and most of the codes found on these websites will not work. 

If you wish to keep up-to date with our special offers or current discount codes please subscribe to our newsletter. 

Alternatively look out for our advertisements which may contain a discount code. 


A: If you have chosen the 1st class tracked service we will assist you in checking on the status of the parcel. If the parcel appears to be missing a replacement order will be sent out immediately. 

If you have chosen the 2nd class option, Royal Mail's policy is that we wait for a specified period of time before they will conduct an investigation. 

For the UK this period of time is 10 working days and for all overseas parcels the period of time is 35 working days. 

Once the investigation has been concluded we will either tell you the status of your parcel and advise of a delivery date or send out a replacement order. 

QWhat happens if my parcel doesn't arrive within the expected time frame? 




Q: How long will my underwear remain absorbent for?

A: All of our incontinence underwear contains highly absorbent built in pads, which will remain absorbent for up to 200 washes, providing the wash care instructions are followed carefully.


Q: What is your returns policy?

A:  We are only able to accept returns if the products have not been opened, this is due to hygiene reasons so please carefully refer to our size charts to ensure that you select the correct size underwear.


Q: How do I know what size to buy?

A: It is very important that your absorbent underwear fits you correctly to ensure that all liquid is absorbed by the pad. Please refer to our incontinence sizing charts.


Q: How do I wash my absorbent underwear?

A: Once you are happy that your underwear fits you correctly we recommend that you wash them before use. Treatments applied to the garment during the manufacturing process can inhibit absorption of the product, so washing them before use is highly recommended. Please also ensure that you do not use any fabric softeners when washing your underwear and do not tumble dry them. Wash care instructions are clearly stated on the packaging.


Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide. Payment is made in Pounds Sterling using our online checkout; simply choose a style and size and proceed to the checkout.

Select a product.

Choose a size, colour and quantity.

Add further items as desired.

Select delivery location and proceed to our secure checkout.


Q: How long will delivery take?

A: Our usual delivery and dispatch times are listed below, however these are guidelines and can change depending on postage conditions.

For more information please contact: enquiries@myshreddies.com

UK : 1-3 working days

EU : 5-10 working day

International : 10-14 working days

We offer two postage options 2nd class / Air Mail or a Tracked & Insured service. Tracked & Insured offers customers a tracking number for the parcel and a faster delivery service.


Q: How much is delivery?

A: For postage costs please click here.