“It is now about three weeks since I received and have started using MyShreddies. I am thoroughly satisfied and can unequivocally state that “they work!” My wife and I euphemistically refer to them as my “socializing underwear.” Right now I only wear them when I am out in public at social functions in the evenings as that is the worst time of the day for me…flatulently speaking  It has been a major improvement in my life. It was such an ordeal before because not even antacids provided relief.”

Isaac - USA


“I Just wanted to say, your underwear has literally changed my life. In a matter of seconds, my one and only real problem was eliminated.

They say money can’t buy happiness, but to someone who can now be WHEREVER they want and who’s day is no longer ruled by their stomach, I’m the happiest person in the world.

Your product is a scientific miracle. I’m so glad I live in a decade this was invented. THANKS!”

Maria - UK


“I have been very pleased with my Shreddies underwear. I have tried another garment before which was bulkier and was nothing like as effective as your product. I have also tried charcoal tablets and they did not make a difference. I suffer from excessive flatulence following bowel cancer surgery and now feel confident as the Shreddies garment conceals this embarrassing problem. In fact I am about to order another pair!”

Jemma  - UK


“Hi, I love your product! I can’t take them off, even the dog stays around!”


Maurice  - Ireland


“They work perfectly, I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Shreddies have been really effective, I would like three more pairs. Thanks again!”

David  - UK


“My Shreddies arrived today and they may just have saved my marriage!

I’m undergoing Chemotherapy and the flatulence caused by the medication is unbearable, Shreddies has sorted that out. Thank you x”

Andy  - UK


“I am really pleased with them they are great. I have started to do alot more things now as well, like going out for meals with family, etc etc. They really do work, I washed them quite a few times now and they are still working. I have ordered another pair though in extra large and grey to see if this works. This could be the start of getting rid of my bad belly so I can actually do things and lead a normal life.”

Josh - UK


“I am back from my trip and wanted to let you know that your quick reply was fantastic. The Shreddies arrived on the day I was to leave for my trip so I was able to wear them on the plane. I am not sure if the confidence of wearing the Shreddies made me relax more but I had no episodes while on the plane. As a matter of fact I had no problems at all this trip so that made it a success. I wore the Shreddies when I went to dinner just to be safe and again no problems. So as of now I am either in a lull with my intestinal problems or just more relaxed knowing that I might have something to help in those times when I do need them.

I will recommend you to everyone I know that suffer with this problem. Your company is the best and delivery is so fast and your concern for the customer tops any other companies I have dealt with. Keep up the good work.”



“Wanted to let you know I had an opportunity to try the Shreddies! They really work!!!!! I have to admit I was skeptical all this time on whether or not they would really work for my IBS problem but last night I must have eaten something that didn’t agree with me and yes the problem started. I was at home so I went in and put on the Shreddies right away. I then thought to myself, surely this won’t work. To my amazement they did do exactly what you claim.

There was no odor and no embarrassment, I am so happy that something finally did what it advertised. I don’t know how many things I have tried and all have failed miserably. I have spent so much money I hate to even think about it. For your product to do this great job I will pay the price gladly.

Thank you again for all your help. Keep up the great work and product.”

Susan - UK


“I bought a pair of the briefs a few months ago and they definitely work on a physiological level. I have developed a phobia where I get concerned that I might smell due to flatulence and a nervous tummy, which of course makes me nervous and flatulent! I was taking Imodium before business meetings but was concerned at chemically stopping and starting an already confused digestive system.

Shreddies have given me the confidence to sit close to people without the worry that I smell, therefore stopping the nervousness and the problem anyway. So thank you!”

Heather - UK


“These are great! Definitely making a huge difference, I feel a lot more relaxed when I’m out and about now.”

Deborah - UK


“I recently bought my son a pair of small briefs, and he loves them. My son has a bit of anxiety, and for some reason, when nervous, cannot control his flatulation–even if there is no noise, there is an odor. Since he is in high school, this has been an embarrassment for him in all social settings. He LOVES his shreddies and can wear them with confidence any time he feels he might be nervous (like at a school dance). These have been a God-send for my son, and I will continue to purchase them as long as he needs them. Thank you so much for this product!!”

Phillipa - USA


“Thank you for sending the shreddies so promptly . Yes I am very pleased with them. Seems successful & certainly gives peace of mind & more confidence on many occasions. I will probably order another pair. Many thanks!”

Anne - USA


“I have received my Shreddies and just to let you know, they have been tried out; a lot. What can I say? They are BRILLIANT!!! My husband is the original johnny fart pants, and these pants have made a massive difference. I no longer have to endure the vile stench! I will be recommending them to all my long suffering friends!! Thanks!”

Sarah - UK


“I have just recieved my first pair of Shreddies. What can I say..I have been searching for 42 yrs for underwear this comfortable. I am sure I don’t need to tell you as we guys get older we need more support. I can only liken wearing these shorts to being 16 again..supported but at the same time I don’t feel like I am wearing anything. I will certainly be placing an order for more pairs.”

Vince - UK


“I’m delighted to report that my Shreddies are wonderful and I am thrilled with them. They are comfy and give me confidence and reassurance. I have had gastric and intestinal surgery, which has left me with a really ‘dodgy’ tummy and a tendency to ‘gas warfare’ … its my secret weapon for clearing queues!!!!

My husband, a GP, went online to research what was available to help people with my ‘little problem’. He found the Shreddies website and the rest is history. I admit to being more interested in the male model in the videos on the media page than the actual product and would recommend the website to any red-blooded female friend.

On a more serious note, the website was interesting and refreshing in its approach to an embarrassing problem so I decided to place an order. The pants are perfectly acceptable and discreet. It is still early days in my career as a ‘Shreddies Girl’ but I anticipate a long and happy relationship with your company.”

Cyndie - UK


“They’re an answer to a prayer absolutely fantastic, so effective and discreet. I only wish they’d been invented 40 years ago! I know the problems they address are usually the subject of a joke, but it’s no joke if you actually suffer from them, just the reverse. It’s marvellous to have the security they provide, both at work and socially, in fact in every situation. I’m so glad someone came up with this idea and will definitely be ordering some more.”

Jennifer - UK


“I have found the under garments take away the anxiety and give me the peace of mind to function in a social environment without the stress and worry of an embarrassing moment around others. Now, since the anxiety has disappeared, I have less stomach disorders and can concentrate on important issues. Thanks Shreddies, you are the best!”

Susie - USA


“This is my second order and I just want to say that I love Shreddies garments and will recommend the items to anyone.”

Joan - Belgium


“I have IBS, combined with an anxiety disorder. There doesn’t seem to be any magic pills out there to help me with my issues, so Shreddies has become my magic pill. Plane trips scare the heck out of me, not because I am afraid of flying, but because I may let one go. Shreddies have helped a lot, I no longer feel completely out of control, and I actually feel a bit more relaxed.”

Susan - USA


“I am very pleased with my Shreddies and find them very comfortable and reassuring to wear, they come up to all expectations.”

J Ennis, UK


“What a difference your product has made to my life. I can’t thank you enough.”