Shreddies for Animals?

Here at Shreddies we like to help everyone deal with their flatulence issues, we have even thought of making doggy Shreddies after the huge amount of email requests we get! But it turns out that Dogs aren't the worst offenders, in fact they don't even come into the top 5 check out the ones that do down below:

5. Cows - It has been said that cows produce enough gas that it could be contributing to global warming! It is claimed that livestock (which are mostly cows) generate more greenhouse gas emissions than transport! 

4. Sheep - Like cows Sheep have multiple stomachs to digest grass, which can increase the amount of gas produced! An aeroplane carrying a flock of sheep once had to make an emergency landing as the smoke alarms were going off due to the gas produced!

3. Zebras - Another animal to be contributing to global warming through it's poots! Due to their herbivorous diet they are prone to excess flatulence!

2. Camels - In Australia camels make up 1-2% of the methane produced!

1. Termites - The insects might be small but they release more methane than any other animal! They produce so much flatulence that some scientists have speculated that they can produce 165 million tons of methane every year. Their high fibre diet and the fact they are so abundant in numbers makes them top of the list!

There's definitely a market out their for animal fart pants? Which one should we tackle first?

Q&A With ChronicAlly!

We recently discovered ChronicAlly Boxes, a monthly subscription box for women who suffer from chronic illnesses such as IBS and Crohn's disease! We were desperate to find out more about these boxes so we caught up with Ally - the brains behind the business! Check out what she had to say below:



How long has Chronically Box been around and what inspired you to start?

ChronicAlly Box pre-launched in June 2016 and officially launched on August 30th, 2016 and our first Box was shipped on October 15th, 2016. I've always wanted to start a company like ChronicAlly Box, but it wasn't until recently that the universe sent me the idea of ChronicAlly Box and I manifested it! I had heard a lot about subscription boxes, and have received a few myself, but never really thought of sending happiness and chronic illness allies to chronically chic women in this type of platform. One winter, I was at that all time low. I heard some very scary health news, and everything with my body was just going wrong. I noticed that the one thing that would get me really excited, was helping others through my IBS Sisters account and starting coaching classes to help others going through the chronic illness journey.

Then I started subscribing to magazines. I would subscribe to one, and I'm guessing they would sell my information, and I would receive an offer for another magazine, and I'd sign up. It was such a relief to get something else in the mail besides my unfavourable blood work and medical bills. This is when I came up with the idea of ChronicAlly Box. What if I was getting something in the mail that was tailored just for me? To pick me up when I'm down, and even better, delivering me products right to my doorstep that makes my health & beauty routine easier & better! 

How do you decide what goes into each box?

Considering I'm a chronic illness sufferer myself, my allies and I decide what goes in the box depending on if we think the product would make my life easier and/or better living with a chronic illness. I also try to keep a wide variety of products in each box, and try to include a "pick-me-up" item, in addition to the health and beauty allies. I am constantly doing research on new products!

Are Chronically boxes available all over the world?

Yes! ChronicAlly Boxes can be shipped anywhere around the world! :)

What response have you had since starting your business?

The responses since starting ChronicAlly Box have been amazing! Everyone really loves the idea! The kind words and comments we get from our subscribers, that's what keeps us going! Here are some testimonials from the website:

"LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I am so full of love right now. Thank you so much, ChronicAlly Box, for taking care of me today. I'm having a spa night to celebrate!"

-Alex, ChronicAlly Box Tribe

What are your hopes for the future of Chronically box?

My hope for the future for ChronicAlly Box is that every woman dealing with any kind of chronic illness will be able to experience the joy of having Chronic allies delivered to her doorstep! I also hope that we continue to grow, so we can make the boxes even better! I believe the future for ChronicAlly Box is bright, and we look forward to watching it grow, one smile at a time! We couldn't have done this with our Founding members, so for that, we are forever grateful! 



To find out more about ChronicAlly boxes or to sign up yourself check out their website here!

You can also find Ally on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

World IBD Day 2017

Today is world IBD day and as our products are primarily used to help people with stomach related illnesses we thought we'd share with you a bit more about world IBD day and how you can get involved to raise awareness.



What is IBD?

IBD stands for inflammatory bowel disease which is the umbrella term used to describe ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. They are both long-term conditions that can affect anyone of any age but it's most common between the ages of 15 and 40. The symptoms of IBD include cramps, swelling of the stomach, recurring diarrhoea, weight loss and extreme fatigue. The symptoms come and go but unfortunately there is no current cure. 

Treatments that aim to relieve symptoms include: immunouppressants to reduce activity of the immune system, antibiotics and mesalazines. 1 in 5 people with ulcerative colitis have severe symptoms that mean they have to have inflamed sections of their colon removed and around 60-75% of sufferers have to have surgery at some point in their life.



World IBD Day is so important to us as it helps to raise awareness of the disease. You can find out more information about the amazing work that's happening right now and how you can get involved over on the World IBD Day Website.

The aeroplane bloat - can it get you kicked off a plane?

In a time where airlines don't need much of an excuse to kick you off a flight, don't give them another reason to this summer and pop on a pair of Shreddies! 

Many airlines have revealed that they reserve the right to remove passengers if they have bad odour! Sounds a little crazy but it's actually included in the terms and conditions on the airline websites, stating that passengers that have or cause a malodorous condition other than those qualifying as disabled can be removed from the aeroplane. You may have not spotted it but it's often hidden in there somewhere!

Due to the pressure in cabins being lower than that on the ground it causes the gas in your stomach to expand and therefore causes more flatulence! Try to avoid the typical full English before you fly as fatty foods like this are likely to cause more gas and swap your carbonated drinks for water. These small changes can reduce your flatulence and reduce the embarrassment it may cause! 

Or you could pop on a pair of Shreddies and fart with confidence? We know what we'd do... 


If you're anything like me this warmer weather has got you dreaming of long summer days and yummy BBQ's! When you're trying to stick to a low FODMAP diet this kind of dining can be difficult so we thought we'd give you a few tips to keep your stomach happy while you're enjoying great food!


Try to avoid processed foods like sausages and burgers as they can contain things like onion and garlic powders which can irritate the stomach. Instead try making your own burgers using meat and fresh grated vegetables like carrot and  mushroom. Alternatively go for steaks or skewers but make sure you check first if the meat has been marinated and if so, what in. This doesn't mean you have to have dry meat, there are so many rubs and marinades you can make that are low FODMAP so just experiment with flavours that you know don't bother you and even check out the supermarket ranges - just make sure you check the label! 


Photo: Kate Scarlata

Sadly sauces are a bit of a sore point when you're on a low FODMAP diet, most include onion or garlic powder, flour or corn syrup which can be extra gut irritating. Therefore the safest bet is to make your own sauces, then you know exactly what goes into them! Don't fret, there are plenty of recipes online that are quick and easy! Here's one of our favourites: Homemade BBQ Sauce by Kate Scarlata.


Image: Kate Scarlata 

Image: Kate Scarlata 

Plain grilled corn on the cob is a great low FODMAP side that's easy to do and super tasty! Potato salads are also a popular choice at BBQ's, why not check out this alternative one from Kate Scarlata: Potato Salad with Feta and Dill.

We are always on the look out for new recipes so feel free to send us any yummy recipes that you find! 

Happy barbecuing! 

Gastritis Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment - can we help?

Sometimes, when I tell people I work for a flatulence filtering underwear company they just laugh and I get it, farts are funny but not for everyone. This is why we like to highlight how our garments can help people with chronic health conditions that affect their daily lives.

One of these health conditions is Gastritis. 



Gastritis occurs when the lining on the stomach becomes inflamed after it's been damaged. It can be caused by a whole number of things including bacterial infection, excessive consumption of alcohol, a stressful life event or an autoimmune reaction. Most of the time gastritis isn't serious can improve reasonably quickly after a trip the GP, however if it is not treated it can last for years.

The symptoms of gastritis include indigestion, burning stomach pains, nausea, vomiting and feeling full after eating. There are many over the counter medication you can get to settle an upset stomach however if you find these are not working for you and your indigestion symptoms have lasted up to a week you should go and see a GP. 

Doctors may ask you to do either a stool test, breath test, an endoscopy or a barium swallow test to identify whether it is indeed gastritis and therefore what the best treatment will be. Treatments include antacids, histamine 2 blocks and proton pump inhibitors, you can also help yourself by eating smaller meals more often, avoiding spicy or acidic food, cutting down on alcohol consumption and trying to reduce stress.

For many people gastritis doesn't last for very long but while it's there it can cause embarrassing flatulence issue which is why we're here! Our underwear is designed for people with a number of stomach conditions in order to help them feel more confident in social situations and get them back to living their active lifestyle.

For anymore information on Gastritis visit or visit your GP.