What a fantastic product you have! I was a little reticent at first because of the price and whether they would work, however after purchasing and wearing them, I found I don't add an odour to the house anymore. I can now get on an aeroplane without causing discomfort to those around me. Also they are made in the UK. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Anon, UK

I'd like to express my gratitude to you. Thanks to your product I can go to restaurants, theatres and parties again without fear. My claustrophobia is fading rapidly, I can finally experience freedom in social situations and enjoy myself.

Anon, Amsterdam



Thank you for creating a product that has changed my life! I can now work indoors without fear. I am more relaxed and have more confidence. It has made a remarkable improvement in my social and professional life. 

Heather, USA


What an invention! I really do think this will change my life. 

Anon, Sweden


My husband has Crohn's disease and as a result of his digestive issues, he often skips events so that he won't be embarrassed by gas. Now that he has found Shreddies he is finally confident and comfortable in public settings. You have changed his life, and we are very grateful! 

Sara, Canada


BRILLIANT! I have been suffering with embarrassing ongoing flatulence post major bowel surgery 18 years ago.
Since that time I have been suffering ongoing embarrassment at work with IBS flare-ups and uncontrollable wind -This underwear has been literally a life saver. It really works! 

Terrie, Australia


I depend on my Shreddies - I love them! They have changed my life! 

Pat, USA


I am absolutely amazed by the quality and efficiency of your product! The gastric surgery I had 7 years ago permanently left me with this horrible flatulence problem, it is particularly bad after dinner and at bed time. It has nearly ruined my marriage. Your product has literally given me a new lease on life!

Mark - USA



How much less stressful is my life at work and home now!!!! My stomach is sometimes horrendous, REALLY BAD because of surgery and IBS. I wish I knew about these before. Thank you so much. No more tummy ache worry and feeling I could pass out 😊😊and I can go out with my friends now and I haven't done that for YEARS!

Anonymous - UK


I wanted to say how impressed I am with your product. My son has a chronic health condition which causes excess wind, last week I bought him a 3 pack of Hipsters and they are honestly revolutionary! Great job guys, I will be telling all of his healthcare team!

Kirsty - UK 


I work in a residential home, and we purchased a pair of Shreddies to test them out, after nearly a week of a female resident wearing the Shreddies underwear we are in complete shock at how amazing they are. It's not only changing her life but everyone else that lives and works with her. 
Thank you for making her life better.

Matt - UK


I congratulate you for offering products that can change the lifestyle of those who suffer situations that nobody understands. 

I really appreciate it! 

Salvador - Mexico


I can't tell you how thankful I am for Shreddies. They absolutely work for me. I've had IBS since childhood and I'm 70. So, many years of anxiety and discomfort. No more since I received my first pair of Shreddies. Thank you so much!!!

Pat - UK


I wanted to write to you and tell you that you've changed my life with your underwear! I suffer from a generalised anxiety disorder which leaves me bloated and gassy. After buying your Flatulence Filtering Underwear my symptoms have gone down by almost 80% and I couldn't be happier and more greatful! You are wonderful people for inventing these, thank you so much! 

Egerli - Finland


My husband recently had a total gastrectomy due to stomach cancer and although he is cancer free, he suffers from severe flatulence. Then I ran across Shreddies, I have purchased several pairs of men's underwear and my husband feels comfortable again in social environments.

Gwendolyn - USA


I worn my Shreddies for 3 days and they are just amazing, works as promised :) 

Dastin - Estonia


Last year when I bought 10 of your Support Boxers to try them and to see if they worked I was desperate to try something that would end my flatulence problem. It turned out they are amazing - they actually became a big relief in my daily life!

Hector - Mexico


A year has passed and my son has grown and I need to order some more bespoke pants for him, he has worn them daily and they have successfully transformed his school life. Many Thanks.

Alex - UK


I received my Ladies Brief 3 pack just under a week ago, and I am in Heaven!!!!
I wasn't sure Shreddies would work for me (although I prayed that they would), and the results are astounding.
I cannot express my gratitude enough, thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. 
As someone who suffers from very serious Crohn's disease, flatulence is no laughing matter to me (especially as a woman). I feel so much more at ease in social situations, and even just around my husband!
As I said, there is no way to fully express my thanks,

Nava - Germany


I've been using them for a few days now and I wanted to tell you what I thought of them......BLOODY BRILLIANT!

I think your product is amazing and I think more people with inflammatory bowel disease should know about them.
I was desperate to find something, I'm now much more relaxed which also means I'm more confident eating in public.

Thank you. This product is a real game changer.

Ben - Manchester, UK


As a lactose intolerant man of 26 years, the Shreddies underwear has revolutionized how I deal with my gas in public. I am very thankful for that.

W Schumacer - New Orleans, LA


This is the best invention ever! I cannot be more pleased. Thank you Shreddies!

TJ - Melbourne, Australia


I've tried my Shreddies and I love them! Thank you so much! They're amazing! It's hard to believe that they actually work, but they really do. I've had stomach troubles for years, and the idea that there exists a pair of underwear which can take away the worry (not to mention the odor) of having a "flatulent belly" is such a relief.

Lisa - Canada


All I know is that you guys probably saved my career. This underwear works!!!

Billy B - Arizona, USA


I've been wearing your Shreddies since last Friday. I'm not taking them off! I truly love them. I can pass gas and nobody around me knows it! 
This is truly amazing. Now I don't feel bloated any more and my job is easier because I don't have to worry about embarrassing moments because of my bowels. 
My life has improved dramatically. I might even consider dating again.
Thank you for changing my life for the better. I'm going to order more!

N Drust - USA