We have been discussing in the office for a while the pro’s & con’s of a vegetarian diet. The main questions that keep being raised are do vegetarians fart more on average? & does the flatulence smell worse than that of an average meat eater?

After several hours researching the answers to both questions appear to be …yes.

The reason behind this is due to vegetables being harder to digest as they have a lower energy density to meats or animal products. Vegetables also have a sturdier cellular membrane.

Methane production per KG (of body weight) in a vegetarian is probably higher than that of a cow, since the digestive system of a human is not adapted for fermentation of vegetation (like a cow’s). This in-turn produces extra glucose in the gut, the bacteria in the gut uses this to produce more methane meaning smellier flatulence.

However, after speaking to many of my vegetarian friends they think this is all a myth and suggest it really depends on the types of food being consumed.

Further research guided me towards looking at what else causes more flatulence, and in a nutshell the answer is more air consumed equals more wind. So drinking carbonated drinks, smoking, chewing gum, eating fast and sucking sweets can all contribute towards an increase in flatulence.

So now i’m tempted to turn vegetarian for a week or two to find out the truth for myself. Watch this space!