April has been a busy and exciting month at the Mill so far, we’ve seen lots of new arrivals from Doves, Ducklings to a swimming pool and even a digger.

With more blue skies than grey this month the staff have been able to eat lunches outside and enjoy the surroundings that make the Mill so unique. You cannot help but smile when a Chicken sits down beside you at lunchtime, or you see a family of new born Ducklings following their proud mother.

This lunchtime however was like no other, after finishing my lunch and taking a stroll around the pond I hear a voice call my name from the distance it was Paul. Paul was busy playing on his new toy….. a digger, he asked ‘if I wanted a go?’ I couldn’t refuse! As a child I always wondered what it would be like to drive one, and now I was going to fulfill that dream.

A few minutes of bulldozing soil and exhilarating fun moving the digger I handed it back to Paul, walking back to the Mill with a huge smile on my face. On returning to the Mill one of the resident Peacocks was being ushered out of the Floors Of Stone showroom, maybe he was considering some new tiles for his pen? It certainly was one of the best lunch-breaks I’ve ever had.