Big pants are making a comeback! Since the 2000's the thong has without a doubt been the most popular style for women, no matter how uncomfortable they may be! But this year the tables have turned and 'big pants' are more popular than ever! The New York Times stated that sales for thongs have decreased by 7% this past year, and sales for high waists, boy shorts and briefs have actually increased 17%! 

The beautiful vintage styles of the 1950's seem to be leading this come-back, with companies taking these beautiful classic designs, adding a modern twist and creating something really cool and bang on trend! Our sister company The Pink Pantaloon Company make the most beautiful High Waisted Knickers, all of their designs are based on Vintage classics and they have been very popular! 

The Pink Pantaloon Company's  India High Waist Knickers

The Pink Pantaloon Company's India High Waist Knickers

We can support this research as Shreddies Hi-Waist briefs are actually our best selling style this year! Overtaking the Brief which was most popular last year, it seems our customers are embracing these vintage styles too! 

Shreddies Hi-Waist Knickers

Shreddies Hi-Waist Knickers