5 Reasons You're So Gassy!

Everyone does it and call it what you like but farting happens to all of us! However some days you may feel like you’re more gassy than usual and here are 5 reasons that may be the cause:

You’re swallowing too much air!

This might sound a strange one, but it can cause a lot of excess gas! ‘Aerophagia’ can happen if you’re eating too quick, chewing gum regularly or drinking fizzy drinks. A common cold can also cause you to swallow a lot of air due to you breathing through your mouth instead of your blocked nose!

You’re on an aeroplane.

We actually get lots of customers that only use Shreddies when they’re travelling on aeroplanes! When you’re on a plane and experiencing high altitude the gas in your body expands and leaves you feeling bloated which in turns leads to more flatulence. Maybe we should start making carbon lined aeroplane seats!

You’re eating healthier.

We’re not suggesting that you ditch the diet and head over to McDonalds but it is proven that the most nutritious foods (fruits, vegetables, whole-grains and legumes) cause the most gas. This is due to the amount of fibre in these foods, which isn’t digested fully by the small intestine. However, don’t quit your diet yet - the longer you eat this kind of diet, the quicker your body will adjust!

You could have an absorption problem.

Particularly bad smelling odours could be a sign that your body isn’t absorbing certain nutrients. Lactose, found in dairy products is among the most common, around 65% of people have a reduced ability to digest it. Experts suggest keeping a food diary if you feel you are being effected by your diet, so you can identify the culprit.

Less commonly, you could have a medical condition.

Although flatulence is very common, if you’re experiencing gas or bloating that causes you pain, you may want to contact your doctor. Symptoms that have a negative effect on your life can be sign of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or celiac disease.