Men's Underwear - A Brief History

Before 1970 men's underwear was advertised via healthy and practical campaigns, but during the 1970's retailers & manufacturers of men's underwear began focusing on fashion and sex appeal. 

The market leading style in the 1970's was the brief which outsold its rival the boxer short by a considerable margin. However in 1985 things swung in favour of the boxer short, thanks to a now famous TV advertising campaign by Levi's featuring Nick Kamen in which he stripped out of his Levi's down to his white boxer shorts. 

With the popularity of the boxer short growing and the briefs in decline, other styles started to emerge and customer demands changed from just wanting something practical to something that made the wearer look & feel good. 

This continues to the present day with many men choosing underwear that is either flattering to their figure or helps to enhance the male package. Many online shoppers are increasingly using search terms such as 'Men's Pouch Underwear & 'Support Underwear'. 

Our own version of men's pouch underwear is the Support Boxer which we believe is one of the most package enhancing garments on the market. Whilst it's primary function is to filter flatulence the underwear also features a built in sling which helps lift and enhance the male package. 

I think of it as the male equivalent of a push up bra, it gives men the support they require without being too tight. As men all over the world will tell you there is nothing worse than underwear that is too tight, while they need support they also require flexibility and stretch within the fabric to be comfortable.