Gastritis Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment - can we help?

Sometimes, when I tell people I work for a flatulence filtering underwear company they just laugh and I get it, farts are funny but not for everyone. This is why we like to highlight how our garments can help people with chronic health conditions that affect their daily lives.

One of these health conditions is Gastritis. 



Gastritis occurs when the lining on the stomach becomes inflamed after it's been damaged. It can be caused by a whole number of things including bacterial infection, excessive consumption of alcohol, a stressful life event or an autoimmune reaction. Most of the time gastritis isn't serious can improve reasonably quickly after a trip the GP, however if it is not treated it can last for years.

The symptoms of gastritis include indigestion, burning stomach pains, nausea, vomiting and feeling full after eating. There are many over the counter medication you can get to settle an upset stomach however if you find these are not working for you and your indigestion symptoms have lasted up to a week you should go and see a GP. 

Doctors may ask you to do either a stool test, breath test, an endoscopy or a barium swallow test to identify whether it is indeed gastritis and therefore what the best treatment will be. Treatments include antacids, histamine 2 blocks and proton pump inhibitors, you can also help yourself by eating smaller meals more often, avoiding spicy or acidic food, cutting down on alcohol consumption and trying to reduce stress.

For many people gastritis doesn't last for very long but while it's there it can cause embarrassing flatulence issue which is why we're here! Our underwear is designed for people with a number of stomach conditions in order to help them feel more confident in social situations and get them back to living their active lifestyle.

For anymore information on Gastritis visit or visit your GP.