Shreddies for Animals?

Here at Shreddies we like to help everyone deal with their flatulence issues, we have even thought of making doggy Shreddies after the huge amount of email requests we get! But it turns out that Dogs aren't the worst offenders, in fact they don't even come into the top 5 check out the ones that do down below:

5. Cows - It has been said that cows produce enough gas that it could be contributing to global warming! It is claimed that livestock (which are mostly cows) generate more greenhouse gas emissions than transport! 

4. Sheep - Like cows Sheep have multiple stomachs to digest grass, which can increase the amount of gas produced! An aeroplane carrying a flock of sheep once had to make an emergency landing as the smoke alarms were going off due to the gas produced!

3. Zebras - Another animal to be contributing to global warming through it's poots! Due to their herbivorous diet they are prone to excess flatulence!

2. Camels - In Australia camels make up 1-2% of the methane produced!

1. Termites - The insects might be small but they release more methane than any other animal! They produce so much flatulence that some scientists have speculated that they can produce 165 million tons of methane every year. Their high fibre diet and the fact they are so abundant in numbers makes them top of the list!

There's definitely a market out their for animal fart pants? Which one should we tackle first?