What happens when you hold farts in?

We have seen a lot of talk recently about how if you keep a fart in it will eventually come out of your mouth?! We have decided this needs researching further so here goes!

Image: www.securicaremedical.co.uk

Image: www.securicaremedical.co.uk

Firstly, there are two processes that lead the body to produce flatulence. When food moves into the intestines the digestion causes a build up of gas that need to exit your body. Gas also occurs when we are chewing and eating food and gas is swallowed. Some foods like dairy products, beans, whole grains are more likely to cause gas.

When you hold in a fart the air doesn’t just disappear, it travels back into your body to find another way out. This consequently means often it comes out of the mouth. It’s not quite as gross as it sounds but still pretty weird!

So if you are somebody who often holds in their flatulence we would recommend getting a pair of Shreddies and learning to fart with confidence!