Shreddies Live On El Hormiguero!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at Shreddies HQ! We’ve been getting press requests from all over the world, requesting information, samples or interviews.

Most of the interviews we do are done over the phone or on the radio, but we received an unusual request two weeks ago from a Spanish television programme called El Hormiguero.


They asked if it would be possible to appear live on their television programme to demonstrate Shreddies. We were delighted to be asked and quickly set about arranging the details of the trip.

Soon enough I was heading to Madrid, to meet Patricia of El Hormiguero. After a brief tour of the studio I was told filming wouldn’t take place until the following day. So I headed out on the metro to Santiago Bernabeu the home of the world famous Real Madrid. It had always been a dream of mine to visit the iconic stadium and I was lucky enough to go on a tour and it’s beyond magnificent.

Steeped in history with some of the best football players in the world gracing the pitch over the past 115 years it didn’t disappoint.

The following morning I decided to see another amazing football ground the Wanda Metropolitano - home of Atletico Madrid. A new stadium built on the site of the old olympic stadium in the East of the city it’s very easy to get to and equally as impressive.


I’d definitely like to go back to Madrid and watch a game in both grounds if possible.

Later that day it was back to the studio, I met the presenting team and was taken to my dressing room until I was needed for a rehearsal of the tests. After the rehearsal it was time for me to be mic’d up and go through things with the translator ahead of the final rehearsal.
I had a few nerves at this point and was worried about tripping over or making a fool of myself.

But fortunately none of this happened. Another short break and it was time to get ready for the live show. Our segment was at the end of the show so I had to stand in the wings watching the majority of the show.

Then it was showtime, I was given a loud encouraging welcome by the live audience and presenters and with the aid of the lovely translator I was able to answer their questions and show how effective Shreddies are.

They conducted two experiments, the first was proving how effective the garments are at eliminating odours. They had a large jar of crushed garlic cloves which was very smelly, once they covered the jar with the undershort the guests could not smell any garlic odour and could place their noses close to the jar without smelling any odours.


The second experiment was more of a visual test to show how air passes through the underwear. Using a mannequin and tube they fed dry ice into the mannequin and passed it through some regular underwear. The air passed through the underwear without much resistance.

When the Shreddies underwear was put onto the mannequin it stopped all of the dry ice passing through and contained it within the underwear.

The producers of the show were very happy with the outcome of the tests and - Pablo Motos the main presenter called it “The best invention ever!”