Puppy, Poppies & Perfect Weather

Now that my puppy Charlie is a little older we thought we’d take him on his first holiday to Norfolk.


We booked a week away in a dog friendly cottage just north of Norwich and tried to let Charlie experience as many new things as possible.

We knew he loved swimming but he’d never seen the sea before, within seconds of getting to the beach he was running across the sand at Old Hunstanton and playing with other dogs in the water, swimming to his hearts content.


This became his favorite part of the holiday and we ended up going to five different seaside places to let him swim in the sea. After his swim at Old Hunstanton we went into central Hunstanton and enjoyed the nicest fish & chips I think I’ve ever had, they didn’t last long enough to get a picture so here’s Charlie soaking up some more sunshine instead.

Every time we got into the car we saw fields and fields of beautiful red poppies, which were very eye catching and pleasing to look at.


Next on Charlie’s experiences was a boat ride, we went to Fairhaven woodland & water gardens and after a lovely walk through the woodland we took a boat trip around the broads. Charlie took it all in his stride, behaving impeccably and often looking over the side at the water and birds.


We then thought he’s been on a boat, I wonder what he’d be like on a train? So we took him to the tiny village of Holt and caught the steam train to Sheringham. It was a beautiful day and very warm so again we headed for the beach and Charlie was doing what he loves most swimming!


After an ice cream pit stop it was back onto the steam train and on our way.

Spending so much time on the coast was amazing and we started enjoying the little things like the colourful beach-huts and the names their owners have for them. Our favorite by far was Jabba (The Star Wars fans among you will get the reference).


In the evening we liked to enjoy the last drop of sunshine and visit the local beer garden and enjoy a nice glass of something cold before walking back to our cottage.
The holiday was a lovely reminder of the amazing things our country has to offer and that you don’t always need to fly thousands of miles to have an enjoyable break.