Sun, Sea and Ice-Cream!

A few weeks ago I visited the beautiful country of Croatia! Croatia is quickly turning into a very popular holiday destination and once you’re there it’s easy to see why, cobbled street, crystal clear waters and lots of greenery make for beautiful destination for your summer holiday! We were looking for a chilled holiday destination so we decided to skip Dubrovnik and head to a small island off of Rovinj on the western coast.


The island we stayed on was called St Andrew’s Island and it is home to 1 hotel, a couple of restaurants and lots of coves and beautiful beaches. Being on the island meant we had beautiful views from our hotel room, it was never disappointing to see this view every morning. There was a free boat transfer that ran every hour and took you from the island to Rovinj which is a small town on the Istrian Peninsula. Rovinj is nicknamed little Italy and after visiting Rome earlier this year I can see why, the narrow winding streets and multicolored buildings make you feel like you’ve stepped into an Italian film.

image2 (2).jpeg

During our stay we took part in a number of water sports, wandered around the island spotting jellyfish and dolphins and also did some snorkeling, the rest of the time was spent lying next to the pool eating our body weight in ice cream!

image2 (1).jpeg